Start Your Engines

The organisers of the 2016 Formula One Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix have set themselves a hard task.

That’s simply because they want the all-round impact and excitement of the weekend of September 16 to 18 to once again surpass the level of previous years, providing visitors from around the world with an unrivalled package of high-octane racing, big-name musical acts, special fan events, and a genuinely unique ambience.

“Wherever possible, we try to outdo ourselves every year by constantly reinventing the wheel and challenging ourselves to innovate,” says Michael Roche, executive director of Singapore GP. “The aim is to provide something for everyone, with an irresistible mix of high-quality action and entertainment, all taking place in a truly exceptional setting.”

When launched in 2008 as Formula One’s first night race, the Singapore Grand Prix immediately drew worldwide attention. Run on the 5.065km Marina Bay Street Circuit, which winds anticlockwise through the heart of the city, it provided not just thrilling race action, but also spectacular views of the illuminated track against the backdrop of the Singapore skyline.

Since then, it has continued to go from strength to strength and is now recognised by drivers, fans and sponsors as an undoubted highlight of the 21-race Formula One calendar. “

The event is also a fantastic way to showcase the city to the world,” says Jonathan Hallett, director of Singapore GP. “An average of 79 million TV viewers watch annually, which gives us massive global visibility. The glitz and glamour, the positive brand associations, and the business and networking opportunities generate a buzz around the region, helping to show that Singapore is the perfect hub for companies to invest in, expand and explore. Also, everyone now knows that the city can successfully host massive world-class events.”

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