KC, of the Sunshine Band: "We're the Party Band

If there were some kind of Ghostbusters-style aura-meter that could measure the feelings certain songs evoke in people, KC & the Sunshine Band's readings would be greener than the fields of Ireland. The Miami-based group dominated the charts in the mid- and late '70s with a string of singles -- "Boogie Shoes," "Get Down Tonight," "I'm Your Boogieman," "Shake Shake Shake (Shake Your Booty)" -- that seemed almost genetically engineered to get people smiling and dancing.

They almost were. Harry Wayne Casey (or "KC") and recording engineer Richard Finch co-founded the Sunshine Band in 1973, and wrote and produced most of the material coming out of TK Studios - not just their own songs, but others like George McCrae's "Rock Your Baby." "The sound of Sunshine," as it was known, made TK Records almost as big a player in the disco world as Neil Bogart's Casablanca, home to the likes of Donna Summer. Read Full Article here