KC & the Sunshine Band review: that's the way they like it

Hamer Hall, April 18   

Never underestimate the power of a quality mirror ball. Delirium was instant when that massive explosion of spinning sparkles transformed Hamer Hall into boogie wonderland for the return of Harry Casey and his Sunshine franchise.

One by one they swaggered on stage, each more funky than the next guy, to strike a haughty pose in the spotlights and escalating house-disco fanfare. While few looked old enough to remember the '70s well, these cats meant business. Dancing girls came next: all teeth, legs and curves. Then back-up babes. Yowzah!


The band's singer-songwriter and sole constant was not unaware of the comical dip in glamour he brought to the party.

After a huge, horny whammy of Shake Your Booty and Boogie Shoes, he did some sharp stand-up to make light of his age, weight, and any awkward dance moves due to a pinched nerve in his "sonofabitch leg".


The robust tone of his vocal pipes, however, was a happy surprise. Please Donít Go was less keening, more intensely operatic but just as dramatic as back in '79. With brass blaring, bass pumping and song-and-dance babes at full Vegas pitch in a range of eye-popping costumes, the hits could only fly.


Rock Your Baby shimmied into Keep It Coming LoveGive It Up into That's the Way I Like It; each hoary disco relic still a frisky teenager in the eternal snow-dome of mirror ball heaven.


A "new album" full of old soul classics meant unremarkable filler from Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, though Maria DeCrescenzo stole a scintillating lead vocal on the Manhattans' Kiss And Say Goodbye.

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