The Hottest Summer's Night Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday night, July 16, KC and the Sunshine Band were hotter than any blistering, desert summer day at Morongo Casino Resort in Cabazon, near Palm Springs, California. The Sunshine Band members and dancers began filling the stage to cheers and screams of appreciation. KC's entrance amped the energy volume up to high. It didn't take long for the cheers and screams of appreciation. KC's entrance amped the energy volume up to high. It didn't take long for the audience of all age decades to get up and boogie down with the boogie man himself. There was not a person in the audience who could resist either dancing and singing along or at least groovin' to the great tunes of KC and the Sunshine Band. The desert heat outside was no comparison to the sizzling performance delivered by KC's energetic singing and dance moves along with his Sunshine Band, dancers and singers' moves and sounds. We were treated to hit after hit of KC and the Sunshine Band, interspersed with some current songs. KC, accompanied by Charlotte McKinnon, performed a steamy duet of "Yes, I'm Ready." Steve, the bass player, got-down off the stage to play a riff and dance with some very exuberant fans. "Breeze" on lead guitar masterfully pulled a riff that drove the crowd into dance frenzy. It was music mayhem at it's very best. In my earlier interview last week with KC, he told me this show would be "nonstop, high energy" and packed with his many of his '70s and '80s hit songs. According to this audience, he delivered all of that, and then some! KC's Sunshine Band is made up of several top-notch musicians on drums, percussion, bass, guitar, keys, horns, trombone and sax, who, together with the easy-on-the-eye and very talented dancers and backup singers, created a fantastic show with KC. The mood was like a huge party or even a one night "Carnival." He just kept it coming at us with full force. KC announced that after the end of this night's performance he would be available to meet his audience out at a table for autographs until the last person in line had a chance to meet him. Doreen was in the audience, and she and her group of Ken, Steve and Lynn all agreed that KC would be the perfect entertainment for her upcoming big birthday celebration. She was seriously going to look into this. Morongo Tribal member Fred "Three Feathers Toro Sr. and his adorable daughters, Cheyenne and Nephtwis and friends, had one of the best times ever at any concert. They all got up to boogie and shake, shake, shake with KC and the Sunshine Band. Cheyenne and Nephtwis gathered all the streamers that dropped at the end of the show and wound themselves up, looking like adorable rainbow Sasquatches. KC loved it and had his photo taken with them. The after-show line lasted more than an hour, and huge smiles abounded on the faces of the very pleased crowd as they carried their autographed CDs and got their KC and the Sunshine Band "bling" t-shirts. I overheard one woman say, "This was one of the greatest, 'feeling-good' concerts I've ever been to. I'll never forget it." And so it will be for many other audience members tonight. "That's the way we like it, Uh Huh, Uh Huh!" Thank you KC, you are a fantastic performer. You and your Sunshine Band rock, big time!