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Postby bellaficca » Fri Oct 31, 2003 12:09 pm

Is KC married? I thought he was a single guy.
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Postby Aquarius14 » Fri Oct 31, 2003 4:59 pm

Hmmmmmmm.... It is all very suspicious, huh? Mmmhmmm... Well, I have seen a picture of him with a ring on his left ring finger, but then I have seen him with no ring on his left ring finger. What'd'ya think? Sometimes people who are unmarried wear rings and sometimes people who are married do not wear rings. It is all very unfair, if you ask me. :) I have also seen him with an earring in his left ear and without- what'd'ya make of that? I am bemusingly befuddled-- downright confused, I say!

Do you suppose if we asked him, he'd tell us?

For some reason, I have always thought he was not married. A lot of Aquarian men never marry or marry late in life. But, those who are married are usually very loyal and faithful. They flirt, but they are basically faithful.

At the last KC concert I attended, women were practically throwing themselves at him, but he remained professional in completing the concert and not being terribly distracted --well, maybe just a little-- enough to make it interesting :) (while still doing that dance he does-- you know the one-- the one at the edge of the stage-- the one that makes all the women faint--).

Anyway, KC seems so at ease and in a comfort zone in life. It is really great to see, considering all he has endured to get there. I am so happy for him.


Don't think K.C. is married

Postby KCFAN » Wed Nov 05, 2003 4:16 pm

I don't think that K.C. is married. I read somewhere that he wasn't married but came close a couple of times. If you ask me, if there was a breakup it had to be him breaking up with her because what girl in her right mind would not want to marry K.C. Well, just thought I'd put my two cents in. (HA HA) I know I would marry him in a heartbeat if he asked me.
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